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Patient education, patient involvement, and prevention continue to be the focus of our practice. We practice evidence based and functional restorative therapy. It is of utmost importance to make a proper physical Therapy diagnosis in order to treat patients effectively. Our therapists spend a significant time during the initial evaluation phase and then continue to regularly re-assess the patient for progress. It is important to make sure that the current medical evidence be presented to the patient without any bias.


Our therapists believe and practice ethical unbiased physical Therapy. We continue to work one-on-one with our patients and involve them in their care. Patients' functional outcome along with patient satisfaction and cost reductions is our goal. Every patient is treated equally and respectfully.  One-on-one physical therapy has produced higher patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Services we offer
-Therapeutic exercise
-Hot and Cold Pack 
-Massage therapy
-Electronic muscle stimulation 
-Traction therapy
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- Allstate


- Esurance


- Farm Bureau 


- Geico


- Liberty Mutual 


- Meemic


- Nationwaide


- Progressive


- State Farm

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